The arts sector has a lot of expertise in artistic creation, creative process, improvising, reacting to new circumstances and the business sector has a lot of expertise in marketing, selling, communication, reaching big audiences …

They have a lot to offer to each other and their collaboration can bring numerous advantages for both sides. Artists’ creativity, artistic processes or artwork can contribute to innovation processes and new approaches in companies and increase employee engagement. In turn, companies can provide much-needed financial support as well as their business knowledge and skills.

Advantages for the arts

  • economic and in-kind support
  • access to new management, marketing, PR and other business skills
  • enhanced visibility and recognition
  • access to new audiences
  • new market opportunities for development of the arts sector

Advantages for business

  • access non-business skills and creative problem-solving approaches
  • positive effect on its image among employees and the public
  • opportunity to reach new customers
  • new ways to express the company’s commitment to social issues
  • enhanced motivation and engagement of employees