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The increasing recognition of the instrumental role of culture in fostering economic and social development is a basis for cultural and creative partnerships that focus on more interactive collaborations between the arts and businesses.

The so-called artistic interventions are bringing the artistic creativity and artworks to the workplace, resulting in relevant changes both for the company and the artist/cultural organisation. Artists and artistic processes are integrated into the companies in order to foster innovation by using their artistic skills and competencies to serve different purposes, such as training or product/service development.

One format of such innovation action is arts-based training, which can be defined as employee or staff development training, delivered through various arts disciplines. It combines artistic imagination with business logic and analysis in order to develop trust, find shared values, shift perceptions, increase the capacity for generating new ideas and insights and teach employees communication and leadership skills and teamwork.

(Source: Connecting Arts & Business – Realising The Potential for Creative Partnerships)