Welcome to our new information hub for culture and business collaboration in the Balkans. It is operated by Asociacija in collaboration with our partners from Bosnia, Macedonia, and Serbia.

Connecting arts and business is often challenging for all parties involved. On one hand the support for arts and culture is shrinking, forcing the NGOs to seek alternative sources of funding of their activities. On the other hand, the business is more eager to support the traditional forms of arts. Even when the collaboration takes place, respecting the autonomy and the nature of the creative process is endangered, and partnership is not equal.

Private funding of culture can only be successful in the long run, when both actors develop a respectful partnership, which can bring mutual advantages for both the cultural and the business sector. The state, as the third actor, should support such initiatives and recognize good practice and establish a supporting framework for such cooperation.

CUBUS was developed within the project Building a Common Platform for Balkan Arts and Business Forum, co-financed by Kooperativa – Regional Platform for Culture, Republic of Slovenia, and the European Union from the European Social Fund.

It is the first attempt of establishing a web information platform in the Balkans, where all interested actors from the arts, culture and business sectors can find essential information and ideas how to approach each other. Its ambition is to inspire further exchange and contacts among cultural and business actors across the Balkans.

We are proud to take this journey with you. For better art!