In collaboration with the Foundation for New Communications Dokukino, the Erste Bank developed a platform and programmes that aim to support civil society organizations and informal groups of citizens working in the field of culture and art in local communities. is a platform dedicated to young, creative individuals and groups who are looking for support in knowledge and material resources for the development of socially responsible projects. Web platform is a source of information about contests, organised by Erste Bank throughout the year as well as a platform for the promotion of successful initiatives and projects of social importance.

Centrifuga is designed for both formal and informal groups that want to develop their own projects in the fields of culture, art and education for long-term contribution to the community. Successful contestants will receive Centrifuga material resources, mentoring and community support in the further development of the project idea.

Club Superste is intended for exceptional individuals whose previous results demonstrated leadership abilities and who, when they become part of the community, got the resources that will help them submitted ideas and further develop.

Mentoring participants within Centrifuga and Club Superste in the process of development of ideas is just as important as financial aspect of the programmes. Mentors are professionals in various fields: from culture, entrepreneurship, through programming, marketing to economics. In this case, the  Erste Bank  did not provide only financial resources, but was engaged throughout the process, design and realisation of joint programs.