Photo @RIKO

Slovene company RIKO supports many cultural and arts institutions, festival events, selected projects and creators and have built an extensive Riko Art Collection, which includes more than 250 paintings and statues by the most significant Slovene artists of the 20th and 21st century. The collection is being continuously supplemented with new names and their works of art and the company is  committed to a systematic collection, a clear collection policy and attitude as sponsor, also offering a harbour to modern creators of art. Every year, the RIKO Art Collection presents a selection of works of art at the Miklova house exhibition in Ribnica.

The RIKO Art Collection stands out for its original manner of acquisition of works of art that complements the classic purchase of artwork. The so-called Paris – Hrovača project (Hrovača at the Škrabec homestead is the place of the RIKO Art Collection) invites the artists to the apartment with an atelier in Paris, where they can create, gain new experience, knowledge and skills – and instead of paying the rent, the artists contribute a work of art to the collection.